About Us

An all-encompassing platform for Different Learners [Children with Dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD)] We work with experts, institutions and decision makers in the education field to create an enabling SLD friendly eco-system

How it Works

DLearners is an innovative learning platform conceptualized by 3R Research and Technology Publishing Pvt. Ltd. that promotes early identification, awareness and sensitivity on SLD. DLearners addresses the problems caused by delays in screening a child by offering an easy-to-use screening tool thereby negating the need for a technical expert in screening. The screening tool, available in multiple vernacular languages can be used by parents, teachers at the comfort of their homes. Equipped with built- in awareness videos, scientifically validated, screening questions and content that it easily understandable, it is envisaged that this platform will help in early identification, enhance parental empathy and improve sensitivity on SLD.



Children with SLD, Dyslexia absorb information differently. Many of them sail through without realizing that they are divergent learners

You can easily find your child skills.

About DL screening app

A free, quick use screening app to assess your child’s learning style. No hassle of stigma, conveyance or fear of judgement. The app can be used by anyone at the comfort of their homes. The tool measures the child’s skills in various functions of academic performance.