What is an IEP?

IEP is an acronym for Individualized Education Program or Individualized Education Plan. An IEP is a written plan that maps the unique learning requirements of a child over a period of time. Through this mode, special education instruction, supports, and services that children need to make progress and thrive in school are delivered. Essentially, an IEP is a program helps get a child from Point A to Point B on a learning curve.

 IEPs are particularly useful for children with learning, reading or writing difficulties. They enable teachers, parents and special educators to work together to improve the performance of results for children with learning difficulties. The IEP is the underpinning for quality education for a child with a learning difficulty. 

Who needs an IEP?

Any child between the age 3-21 who requires special education and related support should have an IEP in place. This IEP is to be updated every year to help teachers, therapists and parents to best attain the goals set for the child within the education system. 

The benefits of an IEP? 

There are many benefits to getting an IEP. The process begins with a full evaluation that shows a student’s strengths and challenges. The results let families and schools create a program of services and supports tailored to meet the student’s needs. 

  1. Creates opportunities for the student to improve.
  2. Helps those involved in teaching to understand if the child is on the right path. 
  3. Establishes a set structure for the student and their educators. 
  4. Provides an actionable solution that can measure to all involved. 

Brings in a positive difference in performance when adhered to religiously.

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