Our vision: Nurturing individual potential!

Our aim is to empower children to become independent learners. This handbook is an effective tool that helps them understand themselves, their behavior, their expectations, their achievements, their strengths and their weaknesses)  

Our Anthem!

The “Song of the road” is the anthem of Dlearners. It clearly articulates the child’s journey through the road of learning and exploration. The road portrays the stages of fostering we offer at every stage to ensure the child comes out with flying colors.   

“I can shake off everything as I write, my sorrows disappear, and my courage is reborn.”                                                                – Anne Frank

Emotion Tracker, To-do list and Weekly Goal Tracker!

The emotion tracker with emoticons can be used to follow your child’s mood through the month. For happy days, there are smileys and much more. You can also see how your child’s emotions reflect on his/her specific goals and tasks every week.

Manual Reminders

These are offered to help you jot down special dates and remind you to wish people. Parents have a dedicated space to comment about the child’s progress versus their expectations.  

The ‘All about me’ and ‘All about me as a learner’ pages

This page helps the child know more about himself / herself, his / her own capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses, to work towards betterment and his/ her own progress without any push or force. 

The timetable can be utilized productively to fix daily activities

Week page

 The week page helps them execute their plans in a fruitful manner by helping them focus on their weekly tasks and enabling them to set goals for the upcoming week and work in the right direction. 

Thus, the handbook plays a vital role to help the child grow effectively with the support and follow up of the parents.  The Dlearners Diary will help parents guide their children and push them to complete their tasks and achieve their goals in a slow and steady manner.

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