With changes in our environment brought by the pandemic, online classes are now the primary mode of education for children. While this might be the most convenient method to teach a class of 30+ children, it does not cater to individual needs of every child. These sessions are not interactive which leads to depleting attention in children & additional effort from parents to manage the child.

The ‘DL App’ brings game-based learning for you to play with your child, at your convenience, anytime & anywhere! We focus on embedding learning through games where a child is having so much fun playing the game and does not realize that their share of learning is happening simultaneously. We believe in making learning fun, so that the child is eager to grasp new knowledge & sustain attention.

The best way to help a dyslexic child learn is by using a multi-sensory approach called VAKT (Visual, Auditory, kinesthetic, and Tactile). Every game in the app focuses on this technique so that the child is touching, dragging & swiping which creates a multi-sensory learning experience.

It is easy as a parent to monitor ongoing progress within the app & asses’ areas of improvement for your child making this the perfect learning experience while addressing your child’s personal needs.

– Jharna Khatri, Special Educator

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