The biggest challenge faced by a Dyslexic in today’s world is his/her difficulty in understanding and recalling words. As alphabets pose problems to them, simple activities like reading, writing, and thriving in academic settings or a regular classroom become a huge issue.  

This is where an alternate approach to learning may help. Remediation or Remedial intervention essentially engages all the mental faculties other than regular reading/spelling/writing activities or rote based learning. By involving all the senses like Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Tactile (VAKT), and providing individual learning solutions. As a result, synaptic connections are made, cognitive processing and higher-order thinking are improved, and learning becomes effortless. 

Remediation involves providing training through Individualized Enrichment Planning (IEP). Over time, customized learning solutions help address reading, writing, spelling problems whilst enhancing the overall academic performance and enhancing their confidence levels.  

Different Learners offers one to one learning solutions that work on addressing reading disabilities by catering to a child’s individual needs, thereby helping them achieve their learning milestones with ease.  

– Lucy Jose Seba, Special Educator.

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