Boys are stressed about learning.

Learning difficulties are mostly accompanied by an innate inability to read and write. Dyslexia is a form of SLD which stems from an impairment in the neurological process of reading and writing. Classic signs of the problems of an SLD learner are that the alphabets are not clear, may seem jumbled (Aerindg instead of Reading) and mirrored (d instead of b and vice versa). The result is a confused child who cannot read or comprehend what s (he) is reading.

When children enjoy looking at pictures in a book but are disinterested in reading, they are essentially looking for an escape route. And if this lack of interest is common not just with their school books/class-books but also with story books, novels or comics, there may be an underlying issue which cannot be ignored.

To sum up, ‘I hate spelling’ and ‘I hate writing’ are common complaints of a child with Specific learning difficulties (SLD) like Dyslexia. Try and understand their source of distress. They hate it because it is extremely tough for them. Processing words, alphabets and numbers are everyday struggles for a child with SLD or Dyslexia.

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