The world has had the most divergent thinkers who are Dyslexics. They have contributed to the greatest ideas and inventions. And yet, a child with learning difficulties is stigmatized. This World Dyslexia week, even when the world acknowledges the silent disability called Dyslexia, many different learners are often sadly misunderstood.
Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD) like Dyslexia come with its’ share of struggles. Reading, writing, and spelling can be hard. It is not an illness and so, there is no cure. The current schooling and evaluation system is entirely dependent on reading, writing and rote based learning.
Close to 17 percent of school going children in India drop out of school before the age of 16. Whilst this may be based on various socio-economic factors, learning difficulties is a big contributory factor. What an SLD child needs is an alternate approach or a different learning style!!
When variety is the spice of life, why settle for mundane learning experiences and styles? If only, we can celebrate the varied learning styles of a Dyslexic or a child with a Specific Learning Difficulty.
The DL or Different Learners platform wants to break these stereotypes and give school going children with Dyslexia wings. We want to paint their lives with a myriad colors and happiness. We also want the community to cheer the ordinary and the beauty in differences. Let’s take steps to make the world a brighter place by celebrating Different Learners.
The range of awareness videos which DL has recently launched will help you gain insight into the daily life of a Dyslexic. They tell you the exact signs, symptoms, trials and tribulations of a different learner. Click here to understand more.
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