Charming and effervescent Academy Award-winning actress, comedian, radio host Whoopi Goldberg’s personality shines through the various roles she portrays. She is one of the world’s only ten people to win an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony Award.

But did you know that Whoopi Goldberg is Dyslexic?

As a child, she struggled with classwork and was often subject to words like “dumb” and “stupid” all through her school life. Some even called her ‘retarded’.

But she was far from retarded. This child was extraordinarily gifted. Like many Dyslexics are.

Not being able to read or write with ease did not stop Whoopi. With her phenomenal acting talent, grit and drive, it wasn’t long before the world took notice of her. Today, she is an icon in the field of cinema, having portrayed characters with great fluidity.

Whoopi’s work has been recognised worldwide with diverse roles (pregnant teenager to a person with paraplegia). She is also the author of eleven books. Whoopi is a stellar example of how no difficulty is severe enough to stop you if your drive to succeed is large.

One important factor that kept Whoopi going through her horrible school life was her mother’s support. While those in school may have called her “dumb,” her mother always told her that she could be anything she wanted.

Dyslexia is a double-edged sword. While one end makes reading and writing difficult, the other offers a plethora of opportunities. The onus is on parents to stop focusing on one end. Instead, hold hands with your child and let him/her explore his/her potential.

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