Richard Branson, in full Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, (born July 18, 1950) is a British entrepreneur, adventurer, and the head of Virgin Group Ltd!  Richard Branson was “Made by Dyslexia” and just launched a charity to show why that is not a bad thing, In the Times, he cited a YouGov survey that shows that only 3% of people see dyslexia as a positive trait.

Branson said he was made to feel both “lazy and dumb.” “Out in the real world, my dyslexia became my massive advantage: It helped me to think creatively and laterally, and see solutions where others saw problems,” In 1999, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his relentless “services for entrepreneurship”, as quoted in the UK Millennium New Year’s Honour List.

Forbes listed Branson’s estimated net worth at US$6.4 billion as of 2/2/21. He owes his fortune to a conglomerate of businesses bearing the “Virgin” brand name, including Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Galactic. Branson has stakes in more than 400 companies in 34 countries, which operate in numerous industries including leisure, travel, tourism, mobile, broadband, TV, radio, music festivals, finance, and health.

25th May 2020 Virgin Orbit company has tried unsuccessfully to launch a rocket over the Pacific Ocean. 17th Jan 2021 Virgin Orbit has succeeded in putting its first satellites in space.

“My biggest weakness in life is that I cannot say no.” – Richard Branson

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