Do you often notice your child’s notebook having corrections in red ink? Have you observed a pattern in your child’s mistakes?

Sometimes it could be spelling errors and at other times, words may be spelt correctly but upper lower cases are jumbled.

You may also notice

  • Illegible handwriting
  • Mixing print and cursive letters
  • Incorrect punctuation

Run-on sentences and lack of paragraph breaks

Children with reading difficulties like Dyslexia usually have accompanying writing difficulties that result in their written work appearing ‘messy’ or cramped. Written difficulties are often coupled with motor and planning difficulties that may hinder the child’s performance in activities of daily living.

However, one thing to remember is that most children tend to write in upper case and lower case when they are just learning how to write. Up until 5 years, kids are still trying to make use of their special and organizational capabilities. Watch our video about “Mixing of capital and small letters by children” by clicking here!  Do you think that your child mixes capital and small letters? If you think so, please fill the form below to get a free screening and find out.

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