Exams can be stressful at the best of times. Add to it a baffling problem called #Dyslexia, and you have the perfect recipe for a wailing child, anxious parents, and sky-rocketing levels of stress. If your child appears bright, comprehends concepts and yet, suffers in classwork, read further.

Children with learning difficulties like Dyslexia have a neurological condition that hampers their ability to interpret words. The fight is real. So much so that it hampers their ability to read, write. Eventually, they score low marks in exams and suffer at schoolwork.

The ‘BAD’ news err STRAIGHT facts
Face it. Your child is a different learner. (S)He has a problem with dancing alphabets and wriggly numbers. Dyslexia comes with its’ share of struggles. Reading, writing, and spelling can be hard. It is not an illness and therefore, cannot be ‘cured.’ Stress, victimization, low-confidence, trouble making friends, fear are other worrying factors. Push an already stressed child with Dyslexia over the edge and trust us, your child will begin to hate school and exams.

Like we said, your child is different. But in this case, different=great. Children with Dyslexia are highly intelligent, creative, and perceptive, almost always having the drive to reach their fullest potential. What they need to reach their heights are different ways to learn. Reading & writing are overrated and boring. Your kid is cool and needs cooler ways to learn.

Research says that Different learners, Dyslexics learn better through hands-on approaches and remedial education. Throw in exciting stuff that caters to all their (multi-sensorial) senses. Appeal to their visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic (VAKT) faculties to watch your child bloom. Soon they will get over their hatred for books, perform just like their schoolmates, coping extremely well in regular schools. But yes, the time to start with remedial education is NOW

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