A not for profit foundation working towards raising awareness and early screening of  children for Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD) like Dyslexia.

By galvanizing parents, teachers, communities and society to break the stigma and myths around SLD, we aim to foster a culture of dignity and respect for Different Learners, thereby giving them a shot at a better academic future.

Why we exist

What does it feel like to learn and think differently?

Dyslexia and other learning difficulties may impair reading or writing skills. But like everything in life, when one door closes, a million ones open.

A ‘Different Learner’ is not a catchphrase or a fancy term.  It not only means a child who learns differently or through different learning styles. A Different Learner is curious, intelligent, and bright, can decipher things, is empathetic and finds meaning in ways that an ordinary mind can’t. A Different Learners brain is creative and systematic at the same time. They have a spark that can ignite when other minds can’t.

Sadly, their superpowers are mostly hidden and unnoticed.  They are greatly misunderstood, ridiculed and mostly sympathized.  Today, the voice of a Different learners, although feeble is being heard. But the stigma is so great that they shy from showing the world their face. The door to their greatness is cruelly overlooked.

We want Different Learners to stop fearing the closed door, unlock it with dignity and savor the ray of sun, the music, their latent talents and the magic beyond.

                                        To blossom and live to their fullest potential.

To speak without trepidation. To remove their self-enforced veil. We want the world to applaud and celebrate the ‘Different Learner’.


Blink Foundation endeavors to ensure “No Child is Left Behind” due to learning difficulties. Our aim is to celebrate ‘Different Learners’           


The concept of celebrating differences as well as the principles stated below mirror what Blink the entity depicts. These values are the keystone of the organization’s pathways. 

  • Joyful Learning
  • Innovation
  • Diversity


Say Hello to our team

Meet our team

The ‘Brain’ and ‘Soul’ behind Blink. Arun’s experiences as a Different Learner egged him on to work towards creating a world where children with SLD are given the respect, dignity they deserve.

He finished his Bachelors in Commerce, Masters in Social Work MBA in Social Entrepreneurship from Loyola College & Marketing from LIBA, Chennai. He has also worked as a Professor of Personality Development at Loyola College, Chennai. He also served as an Executive Market Analyst at Explo Freight Private Limited, India, a leading provider of freight forwarding and supply chain management solutions across the globe covering over 20 countries, having received training in ‘Sea and Air Freight Department with Kerry Freight, (Hong Kong) limited.

Drawing from his personal experiences, Arun presented a paper titled ‘Transcending Differences’ at the University Of Notre Dame, Indiana – United States. This paved the way for the creation of Blink Foundation. His efforts and achievements were recognized and he was felicitated by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, former President of India – for his achievements – at a programme held at alma mater at St. Britto’s Academy, Chennai.

Arun’s vision is to work towards providing technological solutions that will set the stage for making policy level changes that focus on including remedial learning interventions within the Indian school curriculum. Through this, he would like to ensure that Different Learners lead empowered lives in a supportive, caring and respectful environment.

Arun Fernandez

The Founder